DBS Airport GPS FSX update 1.5.0 !

DBS Airport GPS FSX update 1.5.0.
Airport traffic indication (blue symbols - aircrafts, green symbols - automobiles)
For FSX/SP2/Acceleration Pack only!
Download update for FSX


DBS FollowMe for FSX just released!

DBS FollowMe service for Flight Simulator X

Any port, any plane, any car, any place within port.. Lost while taxiing in airport? Request FollowMe... Now!

Any car from simulator list, any car from flightsimulator's internet resources... Integration into simulator environment.
Transparent dialogs like ATC. Easy navigation, fast response... Follow to the car and never get lost in any airport.
From gate to runway, from parking to fuel station, from runway to cargo dock...
New age in taxiing!

Requires activation by email। Read Activation Guide after installing.

Buy it now at http://www.dbsimstore.com !!!