"Recent Aircraft" FREE tool by DBS Studio

It's gives you the option to select recently used aircraft without tedious selection through simulator menu. Simple click on the Aircraft name!

Download here: Recent Aircraft by DBS Studio


DBS Airport GPS FSX update 1.5.0 !

DBS Airport GPS FSX update 1.5.0.
Airport traffic indication (blue symbols - aircrafts, green symbols - automobiles)
For FSX/SP2/Acceleration Pack only!
Download update for FSX


DBS FollowMe for FSX just released!

DBS FollowMe service for Flight Simulator X

Any port, any plane, any car, any place within port.. Lost while taxiing in airport? Request FollowMe... Now!

Any car from simulator list, any car from flightsimulator's internet resources... Integration into simulator environment.
Transparent dialogs like ATC. Easy navigation, fast response... Follow to the car and never get lost in any airport.
From gate to runway, from parking to fuel station, from runway to cargo dock...
New age in taxiing!

Requires activation by email। Read Activation Guide after installing.

Buy it now at http://www.dbsimstore.com !!!


DBS Airport GPS update 1.4.2. for FSX and FS2004

DBS Airport GPS update 1.4.2.

New database format (after installing patch run Airport Database Update Tool for create new database);
Database now stored in My Documents for prevent database access deny under user account;
Updated user interface:
Access to "Route To" function direct from GPS window;
"Route To" menu command automatically open GPS window (or ask about installing GPS to current panel);
"Add To Panel" menu replaced to "Open/Close GPS Window" (menu command open or hide GPS window or ask about installing GPS to current panel);
Updated compatibility for some addons scenery's;
Updated Route To calculation;
Updated visual elements on GPS window
Fixed problem with loading Airport GPS on some computers under XP/SP3
For FSX/SP2/Acceleration Pack or FS2004/SP1 only!

Download update for
FSX and



Walk and Follow Video

This video shows how Walk and Follow works in Microsoft® Flight Simulator X Acceleration Pack!
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DBS Airport GPS just released on 01/13/10!

You can purchase this outstanding addon for Microsoft FlightSimulator X and FS2004 at DBSimstore.com website

Key Features:
Now, driving in any airport is like to drive your car on the streets with your favorite Car GPS.
Run GPS and follow the route from gate to runway. Touchdown and taxiing by GPS route to any parking!
DBS Airport GPS shows top-down view of the airport map.
Map could be dragged by mouse and zoomed by mouse wheel.
Route path calculated from current aircraft position to runway, parking, gate, helipad.
DBS Airport GPS created as most-used automotive GPS and present special interface, that provides ability of customization for different tasks like implementation into simulator GPS or adapting to custom panel.
Buy it now, and see that it's real fun to drive with a gps in your preferred airport!